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Helping Others Prosper Eternally.

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Every 2.2 seconds a child becomes an orphan. Become a sponsor today.

You may wish to give a generous, even sacrificial, gift to help us meet the spiritual, physical, emotional, and educational needs of children who live at the edge of survival. Every gift you give - by check, credit card, paypal, through the mail or online - helps remove a mountain of pain for children in need, and in return provides hope and healing.


Online Donation

You can now make an online donation by credit card or through your PayPal account. On the PayPal page you will also see Pasadena International Church. It will be used to facilitate the online donation process and is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. All donations are tax deductible in full or in part. Click on the button below to donate to where is needed most:

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Or email to receive details on how to mail a check.


More Ways You Can Help

Clothing for Children

Donation Options:
Hundreds of thousands of children in Africa do not have access to proper clothing...Read More

Water Sanitation

Donation Options:
Approximately 340 million people in Africa are without access to safe drinking water... Read More


Donation Options:
Essential medicines are those needed to treat the most common diseases affecting... Read More

School Supplies

Donation Options:
Your gift of education will help provide children with the ability to look forward to a ...Read More

Computer Technology

Donation Options:
Access to computers and technology can help broaden a child's education ... Read More


Donation Options:
Growing churches have more believers than Bibles in their local language... Read More

Tools & Seeds

Donation Options:
During these times, farmers must get the best possible crop yields. Through your ...Read More

Sponsor a Child

Monthly Sponsorship:
This is one of the greatest gifts you could give a child. For just $100 per child... Read More

13 Farm Animals

Donation Options:
You can save families from hunger with just thirteen farm animals.This is truly a ... Read More


Health Clinic

Unfortunately, for rural families, the nearest health care may be up to 100 miles away ...Read More

Transportation - Van

Your gift of transportation will allow for ease of mobility. It will allow the house parents ... Read More


Imagine having to cook without a kitchen. No refrigerator, no stove, no oven,... Read More

House of CN Hope

Imagine living in a run-down, leaky hut. Your gift can help a family of orphans live...Read More



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images"Faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see"

Hebrews 11:1


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