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August 2010

Dear Family & Friends,

Miracles do happen. Since the early 90s we have had a vision to establish a fruitful orphanage, but it wasn’t until last year where we finally decided to really turn our vision into a reality. Rather than setting up an orphanage from ground up though, we both felt called to inherit an orphanage that needed help instead. However, no doors were opened for us until just about 6 months ago when we miraculously met Pastor Christopher Alam from Dynamis Ministries.

Pastor Chris had just partnered with an orphanage in Zimbabwe, yet he, too, did not know where to begin. He was praying for anyone who would have had a heart for such a project. And that’s when we came along. We were his puzzle piece. And he was ours.

Miracles do happen.

AWAKE Ministries are a group of churches that previously owned the Farm and ran the small Orphanage. Because their Bishop recently passed away, it has lately been running under such bad conditions because they had no funding. A little girl in the Orphanage had also recently been raped by a local guy and had become pregnant—a story that completely broke our hearts.

It has now become our goal, our mission, our passion, and our calling to inherit this Orphanage and turn it around to become the orphanage it was always destined to be—a place for hope and a future.

But we cannot do this alone. Please partner with us in prayer, finances, and volunteer work. It is only together where we can truly make a big difference. Below is the itemized list of what is needed to finish the new House of CN Hope:

Project: US Dollar Amount
Per House (Unfurnished): $37,000

  • Houses 8 ophans in a Family Unit with house parents to care for them

  • 3 Bedrooms (4 kids each in two of the rooms, and House Parents in the third)

  • Living Room

  • Bathroom

  • Small Kitchen

Building an orphanage for 50 Orphans:

Per Housing Units (Unfurnished): $37,000 x 6 = $222,000
Kitchen/Dining Hall/Pantry: $33,000
Administration Block/Dispensary (Clinic): $18,000
Van (Transportation): +$30,000

Monthly Running Cost: $9,000 monthly
Housing Parents: $200 monthly

You may wish to give a generous, even sacrificial, gift to help us meet the spiritual, physical, emotional, and education needs of children who live at the edge of survival. Every gift you give, by check, credit card, PayPal, through the mail or online—helps remove a mountain of pain for children in need, and in return provides hope and healing.

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Thank you & Blessings,

Chad & Nattida


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